4m Band

For the 4m band (70 MHZ) i am using my FT847 or my SDR .

Antenna is a dual band antenna PA5070-7-3 with 4 elements on 4m.

Preamp is a TGN Twin 4&6 for 6m and 4m.

Dual band antenna

This is the dual band antenna PA5070-7-3 with 4 elements on 4m:

4m noise

Have not yet investigated where all the noise comes from.

Very often (sporadic E) we have a lot of noise from all the Russian TVs around 70.107 - 70.118 MHZ.

4m Beacons

Beacon QRG (MHZ) QTH Loc.
OH2FOUR 70.018 KP20dh 
GB3MCB  70.025  IO70oj 
GB3CFG  70.027  IO74cr 
G4JNT/P 70.031  IO80uu 
OH5RBG 70.033 KP30hw
OY6BEC 70.035 IP62oa
ES1VHF 70.036 KO29ik
SV1FOUR 70.040 KM27aw
SV9FOUR 70.057 (drift!) KM25eh
LA2VHF 70.062 JP53eg
LA5VHF 70.065 JP99ec
LA4VHF 70.074 JO28wl 
Z35MSK 70.075 KN01rx 
EI4RF 70.130 IO63ve 
CS5BALG/4 70.159 IM67ah 
LX0FOUR 70.162 JN39av 
CS5BFM 70.163 IM59qd