Aurora (Nordlicht/Polarlicht/Northern Light) on 2m

A nice video of Northern Lights is on YouTube:


Some infos about the sun and Aurora you can find here:


Aurora Forecasts/Warnings/Alerts

Forecasts/Warnings/Alerts can be obtained from

Aurora Sound

Its really fascinating hearing aurora signals via reflections on the Northern Light

(distorted by Doppler).


Sorry - did not find my own recordings on cassettes anymore!

But VA6DX and N1BUG give some nice impressions!


Aurora QSOs

Located in mid latitude we can use Aurora only very seldom.


My first 144 MHZ Aurora QSOs are back into 1980.

My main Aurora activity was 1982.

1982 we had a very big Aurora, so even we in mid latitude could work into Italy (I4XCC).