SDR (Software Defined Radio)

Software defined Radio (SDR) gives a new feeling and new capabilities to Amateur Radio.


Have tested:


Funcube was the best with the HDSDR software.


Using the Funcube Dongle Pro Plus (right) as a SDR hardware:


Using HDSDR as a SDR software.


Using a switchboard to switch all available RX/TX antennas also to the Funcube Dongle:


You also can use a lot of WEB SDRs on Windows and Android, like

- Wide-band WEB SDR University of Twente in Enschede (mobile version)

- Web SDR at OE4XLC

- a lot of other WEB SDRs

- another worldwide list of WEB SDRs

- and DARC's R2T2 project with QTRADIO Multiuser (8xRX) Client Software for Windows