Funkstation (Rig)

Some old pictures of the beginning in the 1960's you can find here.

Some newer photos you can find in the photo galery.

VLF/LF (2200m, 630m)

Antenna a MiniWhip

VLF-Converter (DD3ZE) converting 10 - 600 KHZ up to 10 MHZ

Receiver SDR


Low bands (160m, 80m, [60m], 40m, [30m])

Transceiver FT-1000MP and FT847

PA Ameritron AL-80B

Antenna Tuner Ameritron ATR-20

Antenna1: Titanex V80HD  21m Vertical

Antenna2: Receiving Ant. K9AY Loop

Antenna3: Receiving Ant. MiniWhip


HF (20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m)

Transceiver FT-1000MP and FT847

PA Ameritron AL-80B

Antenna Tuner Ameritron ATR-20

Antenna1: Optibeam OB9-5 on Kenpro KR-2000 Azimut Rotator

Antenna2: Receiving Ant. MiniWhip


50 MHZ (6m)

Transceiver FT-847

Antenna1: 3 el. Yagi Dual PA5070-7-3 on Kenpro KR-800SDX Rotator

Antenna2:  6m HO LOOP

Preamp TGN Twin 4&6


70 MHZ (4m)

Transceiver FT-847

Antenna 4 el. Yagi Dual PA5070-7-3 on Kenpro KR-800SDX Rotator

Preamp TGN Twin 4&6


144 MHZ (2m)

Transceiver FT-847 with CAT-Interface ED16Mi

PA Coens V-1300C

Bird Wattmeter


Cushcraft 17 el. Longyagi 17B2 on Yaesu Elevation-Azimut Rotator G-5500

and with Yaesu Computer Controller GS-232B

Preamp SP 2000

Antenna2: 12 el. Yagi on Kenpro KR-800SDX Rotator

Antenna3:  2m HO LOOP

Preamp SP 2000


433 MHZ (70cm)

56Transceiver FT-847

Antenna1: 19 el. Flexayagi FX 7056 on Kenpro KR-800SDX Rotator

Antenna2:  70cm HO LOOP

Preamp SP 7000


2.4 GHZ (13cm)

Antenna MMDS parabolic antenna (R42-51 from Antenne-Komponenty)

SPDC2400 Downconverter (from SPECTRA Electronic)

Receiver SDR




Transceiver Yaesu FT 450

Diamond K-400 mount with ATAS antenna

144 MHZ:

All Mode Transceiver Kenwood TR-751E

HB9CV antenna