My old station (Nostalgy)

Started 1960 as a German SWL with the callsign DE-A-00313.

My first rig was a homebrew 0-V-2, a NOGOTON 2m receiver and a Körting KST (HRO) shortwave receiver.


After i got my license 1963 i made my first shortwave contacts 1964 with a homebrew shortwave transmitter based on the famous GELOSO VFO.

For 2m i was building a receiver with Semco-Lausen modules and a transmitter with the QQE03/12.


Sorry - not a lot of snapshots survived since 1960.........

My SWL station DE-A-00313

Homebrew station (Shortwave and 2m)

NOGOTON 2m receiver

2m Receiver with Semco-Lausen modules

Homemade receiver with Semco-Lausen modules:

MB22 2m->10m Converter

MB102 10m IF module

KST (HRO) shortwave receiver

Homemade shortwave transmitter with GELOSO VFO and power supply

Homemade shortwave Linear Amplifier


On shortwave next follows the complete Heathkit line:

HW101, SB101, SB102, SB649, SB200,....:

Braun SE600 2m Transceiver

On 2m next follows a Braun SE600, the best 2m transceiver at this time.

Used it also long time in my car with a HB9CV on 2m as DJ9EV/m.