EPCam (EasyPal Camera)

EasyPal Camera (EPCam) is an utility that allows to capture and publish on Digi-Cams all of or only an area of

It is especially useful as a tool to see how well a transmitting station is being received at different locations.

My EasyPal Camera

1. EPCam when EasyPal is not running (showing an empty Windows screen), like:

2. EPCam when EasyPal is running (showing capture area of EasyPal), like:

3. My current actual EPCam:



My EasyPal Camera captures the whole second monitor screen.

So i can also use it to show other applications like WSJT ...aso....


The Digi-Cams application publishes all EasyPal cameras

(it is included with the Digi-Sites installation).

It monitors up to six EP Cams simultaneously.


Here is a screenshot of Digi-Cams, 1 DJ9EV EPCam  and 3 PD0CIF EPCams: